The Human Aura Energy Field – What Energy Medicine Is All About

“Discover The Basics Of Energy Medicine And How It Can Change Your Life For The Better In This Series of Video Podcasts.”

Do you keep trying to change your world but seem to never quite get it right?

Are you ready to make serious changes in the way you approach the world?

This series of podcasts provides an introduction to the world of the human energy field and energy medicine. The human energy field is also the key factor in manifestation. You won’t be successful in making changes by trying to change the external world. Instead, you’ve got to change your internal world and that means to your own human energy field. The reason your life may not be working the way you would like is imbalance and distortions in your human energy.

That seems like a radical idea, but modern physics teaches that everything is energy at the most subtle levels of existence. Instead of being independently existing entities, we are all constantly exchanging sub-atomic particles and energy with each other. In a very real sense, we don’t actually have a physical existence independent of the world. Well, this “new” theory has been known for thousands of years in the cultures of India, China, Egypt, and even South America. These different cultures have emphasized different aspects of our energetic nature. In India, the focus has been on the chakras and marma points. In China, the focus has been on the acupuncture meridians. Yet, there is a unified model of all these systems based on the idea that the most important part of the human energy field is the information that it contains.

The information theory approach to human energy means that the circumstances and consequences in your life and in the lives of the people you are in a relationship with are completely dependent on your ability to correctly process information coming to and eminating from you. You will perceive and radiate truth and harmony when you are in balance and harmony in your energy field.

These videos give you the basic understanding that you need about the human energy system. This is the basis of positive change in your life.

New – Egyptian Healing Rods for Human Energy Balancing and Healing Chakras

Ancient energy tools get a whole new twist.


Western Science vs Alternative Medicne

A review of the theories of modern science and how they are similar to the ancient views of man and the universe.


The Human Energy Field – The Basics of Holistic Healing

An overview of the human aura and energy field. Discussion of the energy bodies and the role of energetic information.


The System of Chakras

An overview of the seven most important chakras and the shushumna channel.


Acupuncture andThe Energy Meridians

An introduction to Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. The role of the main and extraordinary meridians is discussed.


The Relationship Between The Acupuncture Meridians And The Chakras

How the acupuncture meridians, the energy bodies, and the seven charkas work together in the human energy field. An information based model of the human energy field.


Resonance – The Key to Strength or Weakness In The Human Energy Field

The key factor that determines your state of energetic balance is the amount of resonance or dissonance within your energy field and between your energy field and the world around you. This podcast discusses the basic ideas of energy resonance.


The Theories of Disease and Healing In Energetic Medicine.

Disease in western medicine is chemical, biological, genetic, or structural. In energetic medicine, disease is really dis-ease, or lack of ease in the flow of energetic information within the human energy field. You won’t find this unified energy field information-based approach anywhere else.


Intention – The Secret Law of Attraction in Human Energy

The Law of Attraction is the descent of energetic information from the most subtle mental energy body to the physical world. The real secret is to be mindful and to anchor positive emotions.


Read Your Own Energy Field With Muscle Testing Kinesiology

It’s actually pretty simple to learn to speak with your own energy. Learn a simple technique that’s the basis for aura healing, chakra balancing, and energetic testing.


Use Dowsing Rods To Read The Human Aura Energy Field

The basics of how to use dowsing rods to detect auras, read polarity, and diagnose chakras. Human beings using dowsing rods are an extremely sensitive measuring device for reading energy. See the basics of dowsing techniques in the energy fields.


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